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New York based producer, Atropolis, announces the release of his new EP. Shuffle Mode is set for release on September 28, 2018 on the Cumba Mela imprint. Shuffle Mode encompasses Atropolis’ journey over the years of releasing, performing, teaching, and spending his youth among the diverse music scene of New York City. Taking close to 3 years to complete, each track has its own time, place, story, and sound.  Atropolis states, “This EP is a collection of intimate collaborations, it feels like a playlist on shuffle mode, a reflection of how music is being experienced by the masses.”

Adam Partridge’s (a.k.a. Atropolis) deep passion for diverse musical cultures has led him to work with artists from India, Colombia, Ghana, Mexico, South Africa, London and beyond. With a degree in music composition and ethnomusicology, Atropolis explores international styles of music fused with electronic elements. Atropolis’ catalog includes two studio albums (Atropolis – 2011, Transitions – 2013), a collaborate remix project with Geko Jones on classic Palenque/Colombian songs (Geko Jones & Atropolis present: Palenque Records Remixed – 2013), and remixes for, Fania Records (Celia Cruz & Willie Colon), and Dom La Nena remixed with Jeremy Sole that was licensed to the Starz Network hit show – ‘Power.’ It’s no surprise that his work has received press accolades from NPR, SPIN Magazine, MTV, Remezcla, and XLR8R for starters.

2018 is shaping up to be a landmark year for Atropolis. He recently released a new EP called Jump for Wonderwheel Recordings and is already back with Shuffle Mode. Although both releases are bounded by the theme of collaborations, Atropolis explains the distinct differences, “For Shuffle Mode I wanted to work with more vocalists, as a response to my Jump EP, which was entirely inspired by instrumental collaborations. For this EP I focused my energy with working with the voice, one of the most powerful instruments.”

The name of the EP Shuffle Mode is inspired by today’s consumption of music with the prominence of playlists and how listener’s interact with music on their own terms now. Atropolis explains, “After the internet and the demise of record stores, the invention of the iPod and now Spotify, I am among many who enjoy a wide range of music over a short period of time. As a by product of New York I’ve always been drawn to diversity, as an artist this is everything to me. Shuffle Mode embraces my approach to making music and listening to music, I am never tied to one genre or sound.”

Shuffle Mode succeeds in having a diverse range of tracks with a talented mix of vocalists including Latasha, Zuzuka Poderosa, Vivian Garcia, Ani Challa, and a collaborate track with Slavic Soul Party. The lead single “The Take Back” features the critically acclaimed vocalist Latasha who floats her beautiful lyrics over Atropolis’ layered production. Atropolis was connected with her after Latasha reached out two years ago once she discovered his production through their mutual friend Lido Pimienta on “Reza Por Mi.” NYC by way of Brazil vocalist Zuzuka Poderosa graces the track “Violencia Policial” puts the spotlight on police brutality, a serious issue in the U.S. and Brazil. Vivian Garcia teams up with Atropolis on “Cada Mañana,” a love song about a conflicted lover rising above the rejection of their significant other.

Rounding out the last two tracks off the EP is “Barbes,” featuring Brooklyn’s finest brass band Slavic Soul Party. The track is a full circle experience for Atropolis as he elaborates, “I studied jazz guitar at Queens College when I was 15,  after the program I didn’t see most of my teachers ever again. Five years later, I ran into one of my teachers at Barbes in Brooklyn, he was playing with Slavic Soul Party, and ever since that moment I knew I wanted collaborate with them.” The closing track on the EP is called “Immigrant” featuring Ani Challa. The track, which is a perfect topic in today’s political climate is about Ani coming to the U.S. from India at the age of 6. Ani explains, “I loved the open heartedness from people who were genuinely interested in knowing where I came from. I loved answering ‘Who are you?’ ‘Why did you choose to come to the US?’ and ‘How did I get to the US?’ Sometimes I would be asked these questions and in answering them encounters became not so pleasant….Being proud and remembering who you are is what I get to tap into. Spreading the love of my culture in sharing a different perspective on the American Dream…It’s something I am very proud of.” He adds, “I want the questions in the lyrics to spark conversation openly for anyone needing to get things out of their mind and feel what leading from the heart truly means for them.”

Even with two major releases coming out in 2018, Atropolis continues to make moves not only as an artist, but also as an Ableton Live instructor, where he was recently tapped by the legendary Grand Master Flash to be his Ableton Live Engineer. So what’s next for Atropolis? He concludes, “This release like all releases is a stepping stone, we are constantly striving to strengthen our voice, I am currently working on some new music with artists from Argentina, Mexico, and South Africa that I’m really excited about, so please keep your ears open for 2019.”

Shuffle Mode EP – Tracklist

  1. Cada Mañana (ft. Vivian Garcia)
  2. Violencia Policial (ft. Zuzuka Poderosa)
  3. The Take Back (ft. Latasha)
  4. Barbes (ft. Slavic Soul Party)
  5. Immigrant (ft. Ani Challa)
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