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(Los Angeles, CA) — Many Bodies, One Mind, is the third studio album from the multi-talented LA based Diana Purim & Eyedentity.

The album is based on a Buddhist concept, Many in body but one in mind, which signifies for the band a unity of respect for diverse and unique qualities of each individual. Eyedentity is comprised of Diana Purim and Krishna Booker, who both come from a lineage of musical greats and in searching for their own voices and trying to individuate themselves from their legendary forefathers, the band has created their most refined project to date.

Diana Purim began her musical career in 1972, touring with Chick Corea’s Original Return to Forever in the belly of her mother, renowned Brazilian Jazz signer, Flora Purim. She grew up on the road traveling from country to country with her parents, Brazilian Jazz pioneers, Flora Purim and percussionist Airto Moreira. Krishna, Diana’s childhood friend and husband, is the son of renowned Jazz bassist, Walter Booker, nephew of Wayne Shorter and godson of Herbie Hancock. Credited by Herbie for introducing him to Hip-Hop and to the idea for chart topping track Rockit, featuring GrandMixer D.ST. Krishna began his musical career beat-boxing for Herbie.

Diana Purim & Eyedentity started performing in 1997 and found success with debut single Heavy Interference. Krishna (band leader / composer / percussionist / producer / music director) recalls, “It was a struggle for us to find our true sound,” says Krishna. “We’ve been influenced and inspired by so many styles of music and were using the Diana Purim & Eyedentity platform to experiment with them all. Although we had some brilliant moments, we hadn’t achieved a homogenous and unified sound until now. I feel like we have finally found our identity with this new album.”

Many Bodies, One Mind is a 10 track album full of standout tracks deeply rooted in the love of Jazz, Funk, Brazilian and Latin Fusion. Most notable in the lyrics of the title track Many Bodies, is the artistic struggle the band strongly identifies with, to achieve freedom of self-expression and the courage and beauty of the creative process. Also Miguel Atwood Ferguson performs violin and viola alongside Carlinhos Pandeiro De Ouro on panderior and Brazilian percussions including the cuica. Another standout is the percussion-heavy tune Don’t Deny and the vocal-laden song recalling Bossa Nova fusion and conscience hip-hop vibes, Echos. The album also displays joyous, celebratory and revolutionary themes with the cover of Airto Moreira Tombo In 7/4 with special guest Justo Almario with a flute and sax solo, Airto on surdos and blowing the whistle, and Carlinhos Pandeiro De Ouro on panderior, Brazilian percussions, and cuica. And the album also touches on a sensual, seductive and darker mood with Liquid Light and Você Não Me Engana. The track Você Não Me Engana features singer Sharmistha Chatterjee, Suhail Yusuf Kahn on the Sarangi (Indian style violin), Pete Lockett the band’s master of Indian percussion on the tablas, and Airto Moreira playing ambient percussion and singing background vocals.

Diana Purim & Eyedentity have toured the world, collaborating and gracing the stage with many musical legends, some of whom contributed musically to the album including Airto Moreira who appears on the song Batucada, Herbie Handcock contributed a piano solo on Acordi, George Duke guests on Questions, Justo Almario performs tenor sax and flute on Tombo in 7/4, and Pete Lockett performs on tablas/Indian percussions on Você Não Me Engana. The band has also had the privilege of working along side many talented artists of their genres including, Sergio Mendes, Flora Purim, Wah Wah Watson, Babatunji Olatunji, Alphonso Johnson, The Grateful Dead, and recently with Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

Diana reflects, “Our elders taught us that in music and art, vulnerability and truth is our strength and power. We must share our true selves with others. Authenticity within the music evokes emotion, feeling and connection with our audience. If they feel what we feel, we have succeeded.”

Many Bodies, One Mind is due out May 18th and will be available everywhere. Fans can catch the band at their record release party on May 19th at Virgil in Los Angeles, at Soho on May 22nd in Santa Barbara and at San Francisco Jazz Festival on June 7th. The SF Jazz date is a follow up performance for Diana Purim & Eyedentity since their special guest appearance with Preservation Hall Jazz Band earlier this year. Additionally Diana & Eyedentity will be joined by special guest, Airto Moreira, at the June 7th SF Jazz Festival performance.

Many Bodies, One Mind – Track Listing:

  • Many Bodies
  • Echos
  • Acordei – with special guest Herbie Handcock
  • Você Não Me Engana
  • Don’t Deny
  • Liquid Light
  • This is Me
  • Telepathic
  • Questions – with special guest George Duke
  • Tambo in 7/4 (Tribute to Airto & Flora) – with special guest George Duke
  • Batucada Percussion – with special guest Airto Moreira

Tour Dates:

  • May 19 @ Virgil, Los Angeles, CA
  • May 22 @ Soho, Santa Barbara, CA
  • May 27 @ D’anbino Vinyard & Wine Cellar, Paso Robles, CA
  • June 7 @ SF Jazz Festival, San Francisco, CA
  • July 15 @ Loyola Marymount College Latin Festival, Los Angeles, CA
  • August 11 @ Casa Arjona, Long Beach, CA





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