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On April 18, 2017, the music video for Austin funk/soul band Flyjack’s track “It’s A New Day” received its world premiere on Popdust.

Prior to the release, Flyjack’s guitarist and producer Buck McKinney caught up with Popdust to talk about the track, and the special relevance it holds for the group. “When we started Flyjack, our mission was to perform obscure funk – what DJs sometimes refer to as ‘deep funk.’ From that perspective, you can’t get much better than ‘It’s a New Day.’ The Skull Snaps originally released the song in 1973 on their only full-length record, and then disappeared. The drum break at the beginning has been sampled on tons of hip-hop recording but as far as we know, nobody has ever released a proper cover of the song, which is a shame because it is so much more than a drum break. It’s about the dangers of apathy and the importance of political activism, and the lyrics are powerful.”

By the time Flyjack got ready to release New Day in late 2016, the country was going through political upheaval, brought on by the 2016 presidential elections and the series of protests that followed. McKinney continues “as tumultuous as things were, I got the sense that people were waking-up and trying to be more involved they seemed to be responding in a way that suggested – had we only done this sooner, maybe we wouldn’t be in the spot we’re in now.” Flyjack joined forces with Austin director Ray Schlogel to create a video that would connect modern events with what was happening when the Skull Snaps originally released “It’s a New Day.” Schlogel dug through archival footage to intersperse it into a gritty live performance video of the band, along with footage from the 2016 presidential campaign and beyond. “Seeing the video, you could argue that things really haven’t changed all that much, and I think that’s why the song is so important,” says McKinney. “Our shared tradition of protest – of standing up for what we believe is right – is a vital part of the human experience, regardless of the challenges we face. Together, we really can make a ‘new day’ – we just have to give a damn – vote, speak out, get involved. That’s what the song is all about.” Check out the full article here.

New Day is out now and available at iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

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Austin, TX – On March 31, Austin-based Flyjack will release its third record, New Day – a love letter to late 60’s and early 70’s rare groove, soul and deep funk.  Painstakingly assembled over 17 months at guitarist Buck McKinney’s Rocky Coast Studio, New Day features seven carefully curated underground rare groove classics, and five Flyjack originals.  Utilizing an assortment of vintage microphones, preamps, Moog synths, Wurlitzer electric pianos and other 70’s gear, coupled with modern recording techniques and sonics, Flyack pays homage to underground funk while embracing new possibilities for the genre.  

New Day leads off with crate-digger’s gold “It’s a New Day” – a racial protest song originally recorded and released in 1973 by the Skull Snaps on the tiny GSF label. The song’s call-to-action resonated with Flyjack – particularly in the wake of recent events like the Women’s March and the protests against President Trump’s anti-immigration executive orders. The Skull Snaps’ original is probably best known for its opening drumbreak – which has been sampled on countless records by everyone from Gang Starr to Ol’ Dirty Bastard to DJ Shadow.  However, the song has never been covered in its entirety until now.  Flyjack’s version is decidedly psychedelic – with a heavy percussion breakdown followed by an echo-drenched Ernie Isley-ish guitar solo, and a call-and-answer to close-out the piece.  

A video of “It’s a New Day” is currently in production.  Shot by Austin director Ray Schlogel of Underground Planet, the video features footage of recent political events, and breakdancing by conga player Rudy Canales and Austin B-Boy dancer Dave Rok a/k/a David Trevino.

The first Flyjack original to receive a push at non-com radio will be “Motherload,” a propulsive funk number reminiscent of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition. Motherlode tells the story of an everyman who finds good luck and fortune, but knows better than to believe it will last. The track features the Boombox Brass on horns and Grupo Fantasma alum Rudy Canales on congas; and a honking, gut-bucket saxophone solo by Topaz McGarrigle (Golden Dawn Arkestra).

New Day will be released on McKinney’s Bean Pie Records on March 31. This is the band’s third record, and first full length LP. Members include Buck McKinney (Guitars, Vocals, Percussion), Brad Bradburn (Bass Vocals) – both of whom hail from Austin-based acid-jazz group Gnappy, which released 3 well-received albums between 2001 and 2006, and was featured in the 2003 book Jambands by Dean Budnick.  Flyjack is rounded out by Nigel Finely (Keyboards, Vocals), Andy Rumelt (Keyboards, Harmonica), Jeremy Portwood (Drums), Ari Dvorin (Sax) and Mike Shields (Trumpet).

Flyjack will be touring regionally in support of New Day. Live shows will feature a 10-piece band, including Canales on Congas, and newest members Wyatt Corder (Trumpet) and Will Wright (Trombone) – both from Austin’s Big Wy’s Brass Band.

Flyjack’s mission is twofold – to resurrect rare groove classics while energizing a new generation of music-lovers.

Track listing:

  • It’s a New Day
  • Motherlode
  • Soulful Proclamation
  • Flame Thrower
  • The Jungle
  • Everybody Has Some Dues to Pay
  • The Worm
  • Gossip
  • Steam Train
  • Funky Fast Bump
  • Plums
  • The Master

Upcoming Shows

  • March 31, Black Bear Bar, Austin, TX  @ 8 PM
  • April 9th, Iron Wolf Ranch and Distillery, Austin, TX @ 4.30 PM
  •  May 13, The Last concert Cafe, Houston, TX

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