It’s 2020 and you’re on a jeep in the rainforest, in search of a notorious underground dance party.  You’re pursued by the jungle police, who are cracking down on unreported tropical clubs with jetsetter deejays and the most savage gogo dancers.  But you give them the slip, through an especially dense patch of banana trees and rabid shrubbery.  You find the club, enter through the trunk of a hollow tree and bless the ecosphere with your hotness on the earthy dance floor.  Cumbiancha Muyo blasts from the speakers – your favorite deejay/producers are on the bill, responsible for a night of green mayhem and abandonment.  Kings of the futuristic tropical landscape, Frikstailers (pronounced Freak Stylers), lay it down in their natural habitat.  You’re in future-sonic South America, exactly where you want to be.

Frikstailers make unclassifiable dance tracks blending elements of dubstep, cumbia, dancehall, hip hop, house, reggaeton, kuduro and 20 other genres you might or might not have heard of.  They reinterpret and reshape melody out of chopped vocal samples, they graft bells and claps with synth chords as counterpoint to drum and bass.  On Cumbiancha Muyo, scratches with reverberating slow-mo bass lines trick out a cacophony of rap and hype monosyllables.  A cumbia break switches up the rhythm and cultural orientation, then reverts back to the original hip hop beat and ends on an ethereal synth melody hanging in the air; the only thing tying the track together is the hypeman’s ooh and ow on repeat.  It’s a club track, recycled from fluid dance floor debauchery, spliced and synched for a global crowd.  Reconstructing international music moments and lining them up, Frikstailers combine the best of vastly different corners of the music world in a unified spirit.  Equal parts club banger and video game backing track, Frikstailers cuts are the haunting instrumental soundtrack to your mobile life.


Rafael Caivano and Lisandro Sona met in the middle of Argentina, in Cordoba, at university where they’d both enrolled to study sound engineering.  Rafa is from a small town in the Argentine plains and Lisandro was raised in Jujuy, along the Bolivian border.  They both grew up pilfering club music inspiration online and from throw-away compilations of funk, dancehall, hip hop, and soul.  Lisandro played guitar in a rock band and honed his skills composing on a program called Music 2000, Playstation’s “MTV Music Generator.”  In his farming town of population seven thousand, Rafa somehow discovered Chicago House, developed an outcast raver persona unique to his surroundings, and began producing tracks on Fruity Loops.  In college sound engineer classes, he showed Lisandro the program and some of the tricks he’d developed for dismembering songs and splicing mutant sound bites together.  Within a week of Fruity Loops discovery, Lisandro had adopted Rafa’s stylistic renderings and incorporated his own song writing skills to compose an entire album.  Frikstailers were born.

Cordoba’s biggest draw is the university and the student culture that comes out of it.  Rafael and Lisandro grew their sound throwing clubs and hosting a radio show.  Their weekly party brings a thousand students to three levels of dancefloor.

In Buenos Aires they met up with some of the artists that form Zizek, a party with Argentina’s hottest DJ talent on rotation.  They played a Zizek night and began collaborating with ZZK Records.  They went on tour with ZZK hitting South By Southwest in 2008 and found a new playground merging cumbia with minimal house and dubstep and other far out sounds.  They were highly inspired and writing upwards of 20 tracks a week at the time, playing with genre and style.  At their Zizek debut, they wore costumes and entertained with original props.   The offspring of their signature style is a recent outrageous video. (see it at

To date Frikstailers have released tracks on ZZK Records, Young Turks/Mad Decent, Man Recordings, Daly City Records, Soot Records, Polydor and Revolt Into Style and have forthcoming remix releases on Palms Out, Dutty Artz among others.

On September 7, 2010 Frikstailers EP Bicho de Luz will be released on ZZK Records.



Frikstailers 2010 US Tour – Facebook Page

Sept 25 @ Chicago World Music Festival, SmartBar, Chicago IL w/ El G
Sept. 26 @ Beauty Bar, Austin, TX w/ El G
Sept. 27 @ Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco, CA w/ El G
Sept. 28 @ El Chavito, Los Angeles, CA w/ El G
Sept. 29 @ Nectar, Seattle, WA w/ El G
Oct. 1 @ Coco 66, Brooklyn, New York, NY w/ El G
Oct 2 @ VIA Festival, Iron City Brewery, Pittsburgh, PA w/ El G
Oct 4 @ Beat Research, Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA w/ El G




Frikstailers – ZZK Mixtape Volume 10 (Tracklisting)


Bicho de Luz EP – ZZK Records – September 2010

“Dancehallete” Taken from Bicho de Luz EP // (DOWNLOAD – HERE)

“Cumbia Kamisama” Taken from ZZK Sound Vol. 2



Hold The Line by Major Lazer  (Feat. Mr. Lexx & Santigold) – Frikstailers Remix [Directed by Flamboyant Paradise]

Frikstailers Live

Frikstailers / VIVO EN VOS – Mix 1

Frikstailers / VIVO EN VOS – Mix 2



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