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As the band prepares for their nationwide New Zealand tour, The Black Seedshave shared a third new single from their forthcoming album, Fabric. Co-frontman of The Black Seeds, Daniel Weetman takes the lead in this heartfelt, summery track titled ‘Back To You‘, which recently premiered at Rootfire.

With a strong and resilient chorus that utters the words, “I always seem to come right back to you now, believed in me and I believed in you, I’m holding on I wrote these words for you now, we stand as one under the sun and moon,”  the song is a tribute to old relationships being revived – standing the test of time, being renewed and staying true. This track marks the third single off their forthcoming album Fabric. The band’s sixth studio album (due on September 8th via tastemaker label Easy Star Records) comes just a year shy of their 20th anniversary as a band.

In case you missed it, the incredible music video for the band’s earlier single ‘Freakin’ is available here, put together by Mark Russell & Owen Watts with the support of NZ On Air.

After a couple of years touring the world and juggling festival slots, The Black Seeds focused their efforts throughout 2016 and 2017 on the recording of their new studio album. The sessions for Fabric took place at acclaimed engineer/producer and long-time Black Seeds collaborator, Lee Prebble‘s Wellington studio The Surgery. The result is a twelve-track album of bold, groove-heavy tunes. It wouldn’t be a Black Seeds record without the warm affirmations of Weir and Weetman’s words, which we hear right from top to tail. The uplifting album opener ‘Better Days ensures us that “better days are coming, lonely nights are leaving”, while tracks like ‘The Weaver’ remind us that love will conquer all pain.

The kinetic energy within the album is physically infectious and makes you want to move. There are times where we dip into a gorgeous nostalgic homage to the late 70s/early 80s rnb-funk era with songs like ‘Freakin’ or the bass-heavy groove of ‘Everybody Knows’. Overall, there is a grand expansiveness that sets over the tracklist, allowing for each song to breathe and exist on its own, but also comfortably within the context of the wider picture. This shows The Black Seeds’ limitless creative energy for what it is – always moving forward and progressing without compromising the soul of who they are, while always remaining conscious of the current world around them.


The Black Seeds (Live) are:
Barnaby Weir (Vocals/Guitar)
Daniel Weetman (Vocals/Percussion)
Jarney Murphy (Drums)
Nigel Patterson (Keyboard)
Ned Ngatae (Guitar)
Francis Harawira (Bass)
Barrett Hocking (Trumpet)
Lucien Johnson and Matthew Benton (Saxophone)

The Black Seeds – Fabric Tracklist:
Better Days
Everybody Knows
Lightning Strikes
Moving On
Ride On
Back To You
Wake Up
The Weaver
Lost In The Bush

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